Most Popular Sunglasses Styles Forecast For 2013

Even though we may be deep in the middle of winter, spring is just around the corner, and with spring comes new spring fashion. Want to know what is going to be hot this year for sunglasses? Just check out these three styles of sunglasses that are forecast to be the most popular sunglasses styles for 2013.

Multi-Colored FramesMulti Colored California Classics

This year the trend of wearing multi-colored frames will be even more apparent, especially in the California Classic sunglasses design shown to the right, which features bold splatter styled striping, on assorted frame colors. With our wholesale prices on sunglasses you can even afford to purchase a variety of different colored frames that will easily match any outfit, whether it is spring or summer attire.

Cut Out FramesCut Out Frames

Move over big bulky sunglasses for this new style that is sure to be hot for the 2013 spring and summer line-up. This new twist of the big and bulky frames is a more airy and lighter design with artistically cut out lenses with classic smoky lenses.

Cat Eye SunglassesCat Eye Sunglasses

Another hot design for the upcoming 2013 spring and summer sunglasses fashion will be the ever-classic big and bold cat eye sunglasses, especially those with the vintage tortoise frames. If tortoise pattern isn’t your thing, solid neutral colored cat eye sunglasses will also be big this year.

2 Responses to Most Popular Sunglasses Styles Forecast For 2013

  1. I predict large, dark, wraparound sunglasses will be making a comeback because many people are not thrilled that they could be photographed and tagged on Facebook or Instagram. They are even less happy about being under continual surveillance now that there are cameras all over out in public. Large sunglasses are the obvious yet socially acceptable way to not end up in facial recognition systems everywhere you go.

    • Gail we agree with you the big sized sunglasses are doing well this year so far. The bigger the better for covering up the face.