How It’s Made: Sunglasses At Wholesale Prices

Before you choose from the variety of sunglasses at wholesale prices that are available on the market, it is good to know as much as possible about the product that you are buying, and that includes the production process. When you know a little bit more about what goes into making a pair of sunglasses, you will feel more empowered about all the different technology involved.

When it comes to the lenses that you look through, everyone enjoys an undistorted view that allows you to enjoy the natural world without the annoying glare or harmful effects of UV rays, but few people understand what goes into coloring these lenses.

There are two different ways the manufacturing process works and the first is by adding the shades or tints, as they are called, when the lens is still in its molten form. They can also be treated after they have solidified to reach the desired hue.

Depending on whether the lenses are to be prescription or non-prescription, there are two other techniques that need to be followed. After the necessary colors have been added, the material is formed into the shape of a puck and placed in the frames if it is to be non-prescription. If they are to be used in a pair of prescription sunglasses, they are placed into a curve generator that grinds the back of the lenses to the patient’s prescription.

As far as the frames go, there are generally either tension mounted or screw mounted designs that hold the lenses in place. Often, this tension-mounted option is used with plastic lenses that are made slightly wider at the front end so that they can be pushed into place without sliding through the front.

Metal frames generally deal with the screw-mounted design since they tend to warp more easily if the lenses are pushed into place. The frame forms an open loop that is closed by two screws that are tightened once everything is in place.

Finding the best sunglasses at wholesale prices, such as our wholesale sunglasses, that not only fit your needs but also look great, means knowing a bit about how they are put together so you make the choice that suits your lifestyle.

Remember that innovation plays a central role in the choices you have and there are even photochromatic lenses that darken outside and lighten when you go indoors. Like many other purchases you can make, knowledge is power when choosing sunglasses.

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