Folding California Classics Sunglasses!

Folding California ClassicsIf you haven’t been officially introduced to the newest trend in sunglasses, allow CTS to formally present to you Folding California Classic  Sunglasses! These super cool new sunglasses are much like the previously introduced folding aviator sunglasses in that the sunglasses actually fold down to essentially the size of one lens. Arms fold inward in two places, and the frames fold again at temples & again at the bridge. (Please view folding instructions shown below.) They really are neat, and so practical; and even better each pair comes in a very sturdy case that has a snug snap closure.

California Classic sunglasses are a long running favorite style of shades for guys & gals alike. Made famous several decades ago by musical Icons the likes of the legendary Blues Brothers, and Buddy Holly. More recently, although still a few decades ago, they were made famous yet again by the reigning prince of Hollywood, Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business. It isn’t even a stretch to say that classic sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the most popular sunglass styles of all times, possibly only second to aviators.

Currently # 6021 Folding California Classic Sunglasses are available in the absolute best selling color for classics, e.g., black  classics, tortoise, and a fun red frame color, as well as white.

Taking a style such as California Classic and incorporating it with the concept of folding sunglasses is assuredly a recipe for success, and here at CTS we are always on the lookout for the next big trend. Folding California Classic have a very bright future, and you’ll want to get in on this at the beginning. Be the first sunglasses retailer to offer customers these trendy new sunglasses, and watch the number of repeat customers you have soar! And don’t forget the benefits of having a smart looking display to showcase your sunglasses; presentation is half of the sale!

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