Shipping Charges Price Comparison

At CTS Wholesale, we greatly value customer feedback. By listening collectively to individual voices, we are able to strengthen our relationship with customers, in addition to enhancing our role as successful, reliable wholesale suppliers. Recently we’ve seen an influx in customer complaints regarding shipping charges incurred using CTS. To our bafflement, it has been a source… read more

Favorite Hologram Sunglasses Back in Stock

Customers will be happy to hear about the return of favorite Hologram Sunglasses, and even a few new ones. This month CTS is excited to announce the return of both Pot Leaf & Smiley Face Holographic selections, in addition to a few creepy skull holograms. For those who don’t know, wholesale hologram sunglasses are made… read more

Trendy Nerd Glasses at CTS Wholesale

Super cool, totally trending and available now at CTS Wholesale Sunglasses: “♥ NERDS” Glasses! These California Classics feature a black frame, with a diamond patterned interior frame of blue and white. Note the white plastic mesh lenses that have been painted with a big, bright red heart on one lens, and “NERDS” on the other! CTS… read more

Kid’s Wholesale Sunglasses at CTS: Huge Selection!

Dozens Start at $12 If you haven’t yet, you’ve gotta come check out the awesome selection of Kid’s Wholesale Sunglasses currently in stock at CTS Wholesale! You won’t believe the range available, and even better; dozens start at just $12. View Full Range Here 100% UV Protection Children are very vulnerable to over-exposing their young… read more

Happy New Year from CTS Wholesale!

2014 is just around the corner! It seems like a mere blink of the eye, and 2013 is drawing to a close. And we are looking to another new year, full of hope and promise. CTS has seen many awesome changes, from our expanding product lines, to our growing base of helpful articles, and of… read more

Merry Christmas from CTS Wholesale!

Christmas is upon us! In just mere hours Santa will be slipping down chimneys and spreading joy to all the good little boys & girls of the world. Families gather, gifts are exchanged and good will prevails. It’s the Holiday Season! Everyone here at CTS is looking forward to a joyful few days spent with… read more

Drop Shipping Animal Hats

If you make a living selling online, drop shipping animal hats can be a lucrative addition to an existing merchandise line. Sellers utilizing Amazon, Ebay or those that run their own e-commerce store; drop shipping is sometimes a  beneficial method of providing products to customers. Animal Hats With winter in full swing, Animal Hats are… read more

New Reading Glasses in Stock Now!

We’ve expanded our selection of wholesale reading glasses with a terrific variety of styles for men & women. Starting at just $8 a dozen, you’ll find an excellent range of styles sold with varying lens strengths in every dozen. We have many styles featuring spring hinged temples, such has R9018 which features a clear frame… read more

Happy Thanksgiving from CTS Wholesale!

Thanksgiving is an American holiday tradition, a time for family and friends to come together. For many it is a day full of football and turkey, a day to celebrate all of life’s blessings and give thanks. Here and CTS we are looking forward to spending the day with our families, enjoying a memorable holiday… read more

Hottest Selling Aviators for 2014

High Fashion Aviators are going to be in high demand, predicted to be the Hottest Selling Aviators for 2014. As we all know, classic aviators are all time favorites, across the board best sellers. It’s really no wonder why, with a timeless design and universal appeal, aviators are just plain cool. For 2014, we’re going… read more