Stay in style while you work out

People are usually afraid to try new styles and patterns, even if others tell them that they suit them well. This is mainly because most people get used to using one type of product for long periods of time. Once they get used to it, they are reluctant to try anything else. Trying new styles… read more

How to increase your customer base with customized products

If you are the owner of an accessories store, you know how important it is to keep a steady flow of sales going. The amount of sales that happens is directly proportional to the number of potential customers who walk into your shop. The trick is to make sure that the customer who buys a… read more

Baseball Caps – Wear Your Ad Campaign!

Baseball caps were initially designed as a part of the uniform of baseball players, in order to shield the players from the sunlight while they played the game. Today, baseball caps have become a trend and a very popular part of everyday casual wear. Wholesale baseball caps are being custom ordered to advertise different brands… read more

Hats and Caps in Different Colors and Styles

If you are heading out to the seaside it is important to carry a hat with you along with your sunscreen and sunglasses. Actually not just for a trip to the beach but every time you step out; maybe just for a walk or a game it is important to protect yourself from the harsh… read more

Wholesale Eyeglasses delivered at your doorstep!

Eyeglasses has been around for a very long time and will be around for many years to come. A thriving industry, eyeglasses are used more for fashion, along with its actual purpose of correcting your vision. Eyeglasses with prescription is quite an expensive affair. You might not want to compromise in having the best quality… read more

Benefits in Buying Latest Design Rhinestone Sunglasses at Wholesale Prices

The world of fashion is  very fickle, with designs and looks changing literally overnight, but one constant are sunglasses, which is often times the first thing others notice.  A high quality, attractive pair of sunglass sets the tone of any outfit, which makes the selection very important. Designer sunglasses are of excellent quality, but only a small proportion of… read more

Buy Superior Lighting Accessories to Add to Your Unique Lighter Collection

People pursue various hobbies to break away from their busy lifestyle. Some collect coins while some collect books. Collecting old cassettes and records is also not uncommon. Many people love collecting lighters. You don’t have to be a smoker to be collecting lighters. Anyone who has the interest to collect lighters belonging to a different… read more

Everybody likes shades and makes the best gift in women’s fashionable eyewear

Sunglasses are a perennial favorite as a gift item during the holiday season of gift giving. There are several reasons for this item to be popular and chief among them is the a. Fashion it imparts b. Trending style c. Attractive pricing that suits all pockets Among the top suppliers of women’s sunglasses is CTS… read more

Shipping Charges Price Comparison

At CTS Wholesale, we greatly value customer feedback. By listening collectively to individual voices, we are able to strengthen our relationship with customers, in addition to enhancing our role as successful, reliable wholesale suppliers. Recently we’ve seen an influx in customer complaints regarding shipping charges incurred using CTS. To our bafflement, it has been a source… read more

Favorite Hologram Sunglasses Back in Stock

Customers will be happy to hear about the return of favorite Hologram Sunglasses, and even a few new ones. This month CTS is excited to announce the return of both Pot Leaf & Smiley Face Holographic selections, in addition to a few creepy skull holograms. For those who don’t know, wholesale hologram sunglasses are made… read more